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Christopher | Eighteen | Queer | Wisconsin, USA.


I never imagined I’d be 25 and working two part-time minimum wage jobs making zero use of the degree I owe $100,000 for. America the beautiful.

I’m just getting sick of this already. Three days have gone by and I got two texts since then. What a great beginning to our relationship…. for the what, eleventh time? What number is this one? Because honestly I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve broken up and gotten back together. It’s not that I don’t love him, because I do. I would do anything for him. But its just getting annoying. I hate that we never communicate… about anything. To find out anything about his life, I have to stalk his social media sites because he doesn’t even tell me anything. This isn’t even a relationship, its just me being creeper-obsessive and him not even trying.

It feels like talking to a brick wall would be easier.


isn’t it creepy that from the day you are born you start to die